Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wow I am so behind!

I just realized that it has been over a year since I have been on here. I guess I really need to stay on top of things.
Well the short and sweet of it ... it has been a very busy year. We finely got a house, I love it! I started working, Billy started preschool and Dusty started working for Eli. He gets to travel all over Wyoming, Colorado, Nebraska, South Dakoda and Kansas. Rendezvous was rainy, snowy and windy. That was after the site got flooded out and we found somewhere else to hold it.
In June the kids got out of school and then we started the running back and forth to friends houses for parties and sleep overs, or running friends and cousins home from sleep overs. With June also came the warmer weather and the BUGS. Oh man do I ever NOT love the bugs. We added a few more animals to our funny farm, and had to get rid of our Toby.
Summer has been a lot of Family BBQ's, get togethers and a reunion. Summer has gone so fast this year. I can't believe the kids start school in just 28 days! We haven't even done the things we wanted to the summer. Bear Lake is just getting warm! But with the end of summer comes HUNTING season. I can't wait! I'm got get me another big buck this year (I hope) I really could use the meat. After buying beef for the last few months, I really miss my deer burger. It's so much healthier and way less greasy.
August will be the start of new adventures as Billy starts Kindergarten, Rhett starts middle school and Chyanne starts junior high. WOW they are growing up so fast!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

It's all in Gods hands.

With everything going in our lives right now it has been so crazy and fuzz. Between trying to find somewhere to live and finding steady work for Dusty, things are all up in the air! Dusty is trying to stay busy with odd and end jobs for people we know. He is also busy with the department. I am trying to make it through summer vacation (with all the kids home). We are trying to keep our hopes up that we are where we are meant to be. I am having a hard time making myself believe it will all work out in the end. We have even talked about finding work in other places. Dusty is looking for work as a full time career Firefighter/EMT. I have to keep telling myself "It will work out the way it is meant to, It is all in God's hands. He will let us know when the time is right." There is a place for us but where it is, I just don't know right now!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Jeremiah & Katy Tolman
May 22, 2010
Caranado, CA

"The Groom" My handsome bro, Jeremiah 
All my handsome Brothers! Judson, Miah,
Caleb & Lincoln. (missing Dave Paul)
"The Bride" Katy and her sweet Daddy, Keith
The flower girl, McKenzie. I think she was sleeping!
The Bride & The Groom

What a cute family.
Walking down the beach to the ceremony.
Mr. & Mrs. Tolman. Yes!
The parents of the Groom and Bride.
David & Pam Tolman, Keith & Pat Rhodes.
The Rhodes family. Ty, Scarlet, Vanessa,
Miah, Kenzie, Katy, Pat & Keith.
The Tolman family,
Andrea, Michelle, Miah, Judson, Karly,
Lincoln, Jeremiah, Kenzie, Katy, Pam,
Dave, Caleb, Eden & Katie.
This is one of my fave pics!
The Wedding was so beautiful.
The hotel was gorgeous and the Ocean was amazing.
I love the way the wind was blowing everytime
someone took a picture. It was perfect!!!

Friday, June 18, 2010

The Flag Ceremony

The flag ceremony at Smithfield fire station. We went to the pancake breakfast and watched our guys salute our flag. It was so awesome. And I so love Dusty in his uniform!

Dusty is the one on the far left. (below)

May  8, 2010

Rhett's 10th Birthday

Rhett turned 10 Whoo!

April 30th.  We had a great turn out of friends and family.

Where has time gone?

Wow time is flying by Rhett turned 10 in April. He got his bear badge and advanced to Weblos. He is Pretty excited about that.  Dusty and I had our 12 year anniversary. I can't even believe it has been that long. Its so crazy!!! My big brother Jeremiah got married. The wedding was in California, on the beach, at a gorgeous hotel. May ended with Rendezvous up Black Smith fork canyon. It was a great month. I got to fly for the first time. It wasn't as bad as everyone said it would be. I had a blast!
June is almost over and summer just came to Cache Valley. We finally got some sunshine and warm weather. the flowers are blooming now. The grass is finely dry, you can lay on it now and not get all wet. Now it is time for the Open House in St. George. I am so looking forward to it. Katy has an awesome family. I can't wait to see them again and introduce them to my hubby and kids. 
The kids are out of school now. I love summer and sleeping in. Chyanne finished the school year on the honor role she got it all four quarters. I am a very proud mommy. Rhett is reading on a 10 grade level and still has a book in his hand every once in awhile. I try not to push too much on the reading cus I don't want to make the kids hate reading like I do.
Dusty I still busy with the fire department. I think he learns something new every time he goes down there. I love that he is always learning it keeps things interesting. I think it is a hard job to get bored with. Me I am just doing the mom thing. I did pick up a couple daycare kids. That is about all the work I can handle. Oh I did start my first bead project. It didn't work out the way I wanted. But it is pretty cool.

Thursday, February 25, 2010


The button in the side of my bolg is for my cousin Debbie. She is wanting to adopt a little one. I am just trying to help get the word out about them. I am hoping they find a perfect angel soon. If you are interested in helping or know of an angel needing a home just click on the button and it will take you to their blog.